The REAL Differences Between Mac People And PC People

Parks and RecreationIf you know what show this girl is in, you’re probably a Mac person

The people over at recommendations engine analysed data from 700,000 users to break down the differences between Mac people and PC people.52% of respondents were PC people, 25% Mac people, 23% were neither.

Like a good movie, the results are both surprising and reassuring of your expectations – all at the same time!

For example, if you know what show the girl pictured on the right is in, you’re probably a Mac person.

PC people are middle aged.

Mac people are younger.

PC people are conservative.

Mac people are liberal.

PC people want to fit in.

Mac people want to be unique.

PC people are good at maths.

Mac people prefer reading and writing.

PC people like Pepsi

Mac people like San Pellegrino Limonata

PC people eat tuna fish sandwiches.

Mac people like hummus.

PC people read USA Today.

Mac people read the New York Times.

How do we know all this? Hunch did the research!

Apple's Mac has outgrown the PC market for 20 quarters in a row!

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