DESIGNER: When I Got My Apple Job, I Got More Likes On Facebook Than When I Announced The Birth Of My Daughter

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Mobile designer Jordan Price just quit his contract job at Apple.

He quit because he hated the big company environment, and his mean boss.

He announced his resignation from the company through blogging platform Medium.

In his post, he had this funny detail on how excited people get when you tell them you’re working at Apple:

My parents and family were super excited when I told them the news. I had posted the news to Facebook, and I had never gotten so many likes and congratulations on anything before. I got more likes when I announced that I got a job at Apple than when my daughter was born. People that I friended years ago and never talked to since were sending me messages. I changed my title on Twitter, and suddenly people started following me that probably never would have a week before. People were so excited for me that I decided to celebrate with drinks one night, and the turnout was amazing. It felt so great to have people want to celebrate this achievement with me.

Read his full story at Medium >

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