Here’s The Rationale Used To Justify Charging $17 For A Bacon Cheeseburger

i love burgers

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Prices for burgers are on the rise as upstart chains and long-time fast food monoliths race to capitalise on the upscale burger craze.But are things getting out of hand?

Burger Business interviewed Zach Conine, the VP of development for LEV Restaurant Group, and asked him about the menu at its i♥burgers concept location on the Las Vegas strip.

One of the classic burgers on the menu — the i♥bacon, which has “a blend of sirloin and applewood-smoked bacon, crispy bacon, bacon mayo, gouda, onion strings” — is a whopping $17.

Here’s his rationale. From the interview at Burger Business:

“One of the things that’s really great about burgers is that it’s truly an American classic. That standard burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, a little bit of ketchup, a little bit of mustard on a great bun? That’s just as American as it gets.

” … But we also think the burger can be insane. It can be shredded filet mignon. We have the i♥bacon burger that is 70% top flap brisket and 30% applewood-smoked bacon. That’s just a higher level of ingredient. If you’re making a burger with truffles or an organic poached egg or Asian slaw, the burger no longer is an “I can make this myself at home” experience. I love burgers is trying to provide both those experiences: That classic burger and the gourmet burger.”

But there’s more to it than just ingredients. Since the place is on the Vegas strip, rent prices are ultra-high. Another important point Conine makes is that the menu at i♥burgers is still cheaper than most of the other dining options around there.

As long as people are willing to pay for it — and it appears they are, at least on the strip — then that premium pricing is going to work.

Would you cough up $17 for a bacon cheeseburger anywhere outside of the Vegas strip? Sound off below.

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