GAME TIME: The Raj Jury Is Selected, Here’s Who They Are

raj rajaratnam trial

[credit provider=”Katya Wachtel for Business Insider”]

It’s GAME TIME.Moments ago, the eighteen jury members were named.

As we’ve mentioned, the jury on the Raj trial will decide whether or not Raj goes to jail for over a decade. Everything is riding on them.

We’ll have the details on the revealing, extensive instructions given to the jury in a moment, so stay tuned.

For now, here’s what we know about the jurors.

We were expecting only 12 jurors, so the number 18 is a surprise.

At least one of the 18 (last name Gomez) is an alternate.

First observations about them: A lot of them resemble Raj in some way.

About half of the jurors wear glasses, like Raj. And well over half of them are overweight. Only four jurors are noticeably white: two women and two men. Two we weren’t sure about and the rest are dark-skinned, like Raj.

Here’s more (we didn’t catch all of their last names, and the spelling is probably wrong on most of them. Sorry! We’ll update with an accurate list once it’s out.)

Wanda _____




Jacqueline Robinson


Anna Amelia

James Persuad – a well dressed, slim black man of medium height wearing a maroon sweater with a white button down underneath it and jeans


Lola Gorman



Carmen Gomez

Melissa Thomas

Tonya Wood – overweight black woman

Jose Rosario

Wilson – a casually dressed, tall and thin white man. He has grey speckled dark and shaggy hair. He’s wearing New Balances and jeans, a plaid shirt under a fleece, and a vest over that. He’s also wearing a one-shoulder backpack. He was chewing gum. (We rode in the elevator with him.)