The Rage Dance Against Jamie Dimon Is Officially The Lamest Party Ever


The anti-Jamie Dimon party at Syracuse today sucked. Nobody showed up!

But actually! The protestor’s loss is your win.

It was so weak, it was actually funny.

See photos our friend Naresh Vissa took at the “raging” protest party now –>

Up close? Guess what. It is lame.

Let's take a look at some of these signs...

Harsh words, sister

Happy together? Did you see the Q1 earnings? They're fine.

Oh newcomers! Maybe this is exciting?

Somone recites a poem. The dog doesn't shive a ghit.

Wait NOW he does. This is getting interesting.

Oh wait - no! Are people leaving?

Yup they're leaving. Someone really did recite a poem though.

That's what Naresh Vissa, Jamie Dimon supporter, told us

Naresh Vissa sent us these pictures after attending the party to take pictures for us.

'It peaked at 2:30,' he says.

On Dimon, says he is a fan. 'Dimon is entertaining and charismatic. He is leading the Wall Street clean up from the bottom up!'

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