The Race To Build A 'Killer App' For Smart Watches

Despite all the new wearables on the market, with smart watches and other wrist-worn gadgets in the lead, there still aren’t many apps in these devices’ app stores.

However, development isn’t completely stymied. Google has released Android Wear, its platform for wearable devices. The outlines of future “killer apps,” especially in health and fitness, are beginning to emerge.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we make sense of the current wearable apps landscape, look at why app ecosystems are so minimally stocked, explore the types of wearables that are likeliest to take off, and try to pinpoint a few app categories that could make the devices mass market successes. We also look at Google Glass, and we discuss Apple and Google’s likely dominant role in wearable apps overall.

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Here is some key information about the current state of wearable apps:

In full, the report:

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