This is the queen's ideal 3-course lunch, as chosen by Buckingham Palace

Getty ImagesQueen Elizabeth II during a visit to Hull in November.
  • Queen Elizabeth II gets fine dining almost any day she wants – but what does she like?
  • Business Insider got the answer from the man making her lunch on Thursday.
  • The menu includes salmon, lamb, and orange tart, and it was approved by the palace.
  • The queen will eat aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth during a naval ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II gets to go to a lot of banquets, state dinners, and other grand occasions where fine dining is de rigueur.

The tastes of the world’s longest-serving head of state are the subject of extensive speculation – so we found out the truth behind what she favours from the man who will prepare her lunch on Thursday.

Business Insider was invited aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, ahead of a royal visit at the naval base in Portsmouth, in southern England.

We spoke to Petty Officer Dean Allen, the chef on the ship who will be in charge of preparing the meal for the monarch.

Petty Officer Dean Allen HMS Queen ElizabethBusiness Insider.Petty Officer Dean Allen in the aft galley of the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Here are the dishes chosen for the three-course menu:


Salmon tian with fennel and apple salad.

Main course:

Double rib of lamb with broad bean cassoulet and lemon jus.

Rib of lamb stock photoShutterstockRib of lamb, like this one, is the centrepiece of the queen’s meal on Thursday.


Burnt-orange tart with poached meringue and blackberry compote.

HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to Portsmouth after sea trials.Getty ImagesThe HMS Queen Elizabeth returning to Portsmouth after sea trials.

Allen told us his team submitted several menu ideas ahead of the event to officials at Buckingham Palace who made the final call.

The lunch, which is for the queen and 31 other dignitaries, is part of a ceremony in which she will formally commission the HMS Queen Elizabeth into the Royal Navy.

She will visit the ship, inspect a naval guard of honour, and celebrate the beginning of the ship’s naval career along with the crew and their families.

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