The Queen Angrily Summoned Prince Andrew To Buckingham Palace Over His NYC Holiday With Hedge Fund Sex Offender

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Photo: Daily Mail

It turns out Queen Elizabeth summoned Prince Andrew to the Royal Palace after pictures of him with convicted hedge fund sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were published in the Daily Mail, according to a profile of the wayward British prince in this month’s Vanity Fair.Even though Prince Andrew — who is the UK’s Ambassador for Trade — had embarrassed the Royal Family before, apparently remaining chummy with Epstein, who has been accused of inappropriate sexual relations with at least 30 underage girls, was what sent the Queen over the edge.

In particular, allegations made by a woman called Virginia Roberts, against Epstein and the Prince, triggered the Queen’s scolding. Roberts alleges that when she was younger, Epstein flew her out to the States where she was trained as a prostitute, and that she was flown specifically to meet Andrew. The Prince says he never engaged in sexual contact with her.

According to Vanity Fair,

The sordid connection to Jeffrey Epstein inflicted by far the greatest damage on the prince’s reputation. According to a sworn deposition by Juan Alessi, a former employee at Epstein’s Palm Beach estate, Andrew attended naked pool parties and was treated to massages by a harem of adolescent girls.

The phone call from Sian James of The [Daily] Mail… created a 36-hour maelstrom at Buckingham Palace,” a royal source told me. “At some point during those 36 hours, the Queen summoned the Duke of York to a meeting.” According to several well-informed individuals, the Queen was not amused.

The Queen asked Prince Andrew why he had consorted with someone like Jeffrey Epstein, whom the F.B.I. had reportedly linked to about 40 young women, most of them underage. More to the point, the Queen demanded to know if her son had any more surprises up his sleeve.

Prince Andrew swore to his mother he’d never slept with Virginia Roberts, or any of Epstein’s other alleged victims.

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