The Qantas store accidentally sold Apple Mac Pro computers at a $4,000 discount

Apple Mac Pro. (Source: Apple)

The Qantas store has cancelled all pending orders for the Apple Mac Pro computer, after they were erroneously sold at a bargain basement price.

The Mac Pro is a high-end desktop computer normally selling for $4,899 at the Apple store. However, one keen-eyed frequent flyer found Qantas selling them for just 93,000 points – which translates to about $549 based on a $25 retail gift card selling for 4230 points — or 5,000 points plus $520.

“Not sure if it’s a mistake or just clearance, but I ordered one Sunday. Hasn’t shipped yet, but should in the next day or so,” said the spotter on the forums on Monday morning.

The tip-off prompted a flurry of purchases from bargain hunters, although plenty speculated whether it was an error that the airline would not honour or if it was a genuine clearance deal.

Qantas declined to reveal how many orders were placed while the incorrect price was in place. Business Insider understands sales of the computer did noticeably spike up during the period.

Unfortunately for the customers that took the plunge, Qantas has since sent out emails cancelling all orders made with the wrong price.

“We are in the process of refunding members. As a gesture of goodwill, we are also crediting those members with 2,000 Qantas points and offering them a 20% discount off the full number of points required for the product if they still wish to make a purchase,” said a Qantas spokesperson.

The Qantas online store has now restored the Mac Pro to a price of 719,690 points or 5000 points plus $4864.89.