'The Punisher' season 2 coming soon to Netflix, but don't expect more of the Marvel series after that

Patrick Harbron/NetflixJon Bernthal as Frank Castle
  • Netflix revealed in a video teaser that the second season of “The Punisher” is coming soon.
  • Netflix recently canceled three of its other Marvel shows, and fans shouldn’t expect a season three renewal for “The Punisher.”
  • Data showed that interest in the shows had dropped dramatically over time, and Disney is releasing its own streaming service next year that will compete with Netflix.

Netflix is cutting down on its Marvel TV shows, but fans can at least look forward to one more.

The streaming giant released a teaser video for its January releases this week, and at the end is a short clip from the second season of “The Punisher,” starring Jon Bernthal in the title role. The first season premiered last year on Netflix, and season two finished filming earlier this year.

While the clip appears in the January preview, it only reveals that the series is “coming soon” and not a release date.

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Fans of Netflix’s Marvel universe shouldn’t expect a third-season renewal, though. Three of the Marvel-Netflix shows – “Iron Fist,” “Luke Cage,” and “Daredevil” – were canceled this year, with only “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones” remaining. It’s possible that “Jessica Jones” could return for a third season, but beyond that, it’s unlikely that Netflix will continue its Marvel shows.

A social-media analysis provided to Business Insider by consumer-insights company Crimson Hexagon showed that interest in the shows had decreased over time. Twitter and Instagram posts for “Jessica Jones” were cut in half from its first and second seasons.

Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+, could also play a factor, as the Marvel parent company looks to build up its own library of content and limit competition.

Watch the teaser below:

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