The Prosecution Just Finished Clobbering John Edwards, And The Judge Rejected His Motion To Dismiss The Case

John Edwards

Photo: AP

Lawyers for John Edwards requested the judge dismiss the ongoing corruption case against him; and that motion was rejected almost instantly, according to the AP. The prosecution has finished their side in the dramatic and at times utterly bizarre John Edwards trial.

According to the AP, prosecutors laid it on thick at the end:

In its final act, federal prosecutors played a tape of a 2008 national television interview in which the Democrat repeatedly lied about his extramarital affair with the woman who was part of his campaign staff and denied fathering her baby.

Certainly, Edwards is guilty of lying. But the jury has to decide whether he is guilty of illegally using nearly $1 million in campaign contributions from wealthy donors to hide the existence of his mistress Rielle Hunter, and Hunter’s pregnancy.  

To review: this trial has featured claims of alien abduction, gut-wrenching testimony about Elizabeth Edwards ripping her shirt and bra off in an airport, and an Edwards aide testifying that he believed Edwards was going to have him killed. And then earlier this week everyone broke down during testimony about Elizabeth Edwards worrying in her last days that she would die without the company of any man that loved her.  Overall, the prosecution has made Edwards look like a slime-ball. 

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