Prop 8 Trial Banned From YouTube Is Now Back -- Via Dramatic Reenactment!

Prop 8 Reenactment

Grab the popcorn!

The Supreme Court halted the broadcast of the Prop 8 trial as the trial was just kicking off. 

But now that the bulk of the case is over (it’s on break and closing arguments will occur in about a month), it is hitting YouTube anyway.

Instead of David Boies as himself, we’ll have veteran television actor Jack Laufer playing David Boies.

Filmmakers John Ireland and John Ainsworth were planning to watch the trial when the Supreme Court holding came down, and decided to create the reenactment with the help of official transcripts, news reports and atmosphere information provided by those inside the courtroom, the San Fransisco Chronicle reported. 

They are on a limited budget, so the actors all volunteered for the project and agreed to do the work for free.

The filmmakers are very clear that they are Prop 8 opposers, but said they are making an effort to stick to the script, so to speak. Ireland told the Chronicle their goal is, “transparency, not swaying anybody.”

They plan to post an instalment every few days and plan to complete the project by late February.  The videos can be found at the Web site

For the true legal nerds that wanted to see Daivd Boes and Ted Olsen in action, a reenactment may not totally do the trick. But for those interested in the substance of the trial, this is as good as we’re going to get.

We have mentioned that we think it’s time for federal courtrooms to give cameras a shot. But the opportunity to see this particular trial has passed, so if you want to see the Prop 8 trial, this (after quick review) looks like a great option. 

The San Francisco Chronicle has a full report, including a break down of the cast. 

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