The Proof That Peyton Manning Is Back And Silencing His sceptics

peyton manning of the denver broncos nfl

[credit provider=”Jim Rogash/Getty Images”]

All season long, Peyton Manning has received cynical reviews from insiders who believe the quarterback will never be as effective as he once was.They all said that Manning’s multiple neck surgeries was causing his arm strength to deteriorate.

But over the last few weeks, Manning’s numbers have debunked that logic.

On the season, Manning is 47-of-66 (71.2 per cent) for 568 yards and eight touchdowns on passes between 21 and 30 yards and 30-of-51 (58.8 per cent) for 351 yards and three touchdowns on passes between 31 and 40 yards.

Entering last week, Manning was the best quarterback in the NFL based on three statistical measures. He leads the NFL in passer rating (109) and has five consecutive games with more than 300 yards and at least two touchdowns. He has just one interception during that stretch.

And the only player that has been on the receiving end of passes from Manning during the height of his career in Indianapolis and now in Denver, Brandon Stokley, hasn’t seen Manning’s skills waver. 

Here what Stokley told The Denver Post:

“Almost every time he plays, he does something you’ll remember,” Stokley said. “I’ve been saying all along he looks the same to me, and I don’t think there’s any doubt what he brings.