The Pro-Obama Super PAC Hits Mitt Romney With A Vicious Ad That Keeps The Focus On Bain Capital

Priorities USA, the pro-Barack Obama super PAC, is out with a new ad Saturday that uses a worker’s personal story to hit the Mitt Romney-run private-equity firm Bain Capital. It’s another punch to Romney’s tenure at Bain in a weekend that has already been full of them.

The star of this production is Mike Earnest, who worked for the firm Ampad in Marion, Ind. He tells the story of how, “out of the blue one day,” the workers were told to build a 30-foot stage. Days later, he says, workers from the plant’s three shifts were gathered together and told the plant was closing. Earnest’s kicker:

“It was like building my own coffin.”

Watch the spot below:

There are obvious holes to be poked in this ad, because there isn’t much context as to what’s going on in Earnest’s situation. But Democrats believe the Bain attacks are working in the swing states where these ads are airing. 

And the ad keeps the focus on Bain at a time when Romney’s time there is being investigated and hammered especially hard. On Friday, Obama and his campaign used a Washington Post story as fuel to paint Romney as an “outsourcing pioneer.” On Saturday, a New York Times story detailed how Bain continued to collect revenue even when companies went bankrupt.  

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