The Private Eye Testifying In The Millionaire Madam Case Also Played A Role In The 'Fatal Attraction' Murder

glen close fatal attraction

Photo: YoutTube

The Millionaire Madam story just gets better and better— meet Vincent Parco, a private investigator slated to testify in the case against alleged Upper East Side madam Anna Gristina.According to the Daily News, Parco once starred in failed reality show called Parco P.I., and back in the late ’80s sold a .25 calibre Berretta pistol with a silencer to obsessive Westchester elementary school teacher Carolyn Warmus. She then killed Betty Jeanne Solomon, the wife of her lover — the result is know to us as ‘Fatal Attraction.’

Parco testified against Warmus, and got immunity, but that’s in his past. Gristina came into his life years later.

The first time he heard of the alleged madam was back in 2006. A woman named Andrea Schwartz asked him to track Gristina down for her. Schwartz was being charged with running a brothel, and she wanted Gristina to help her clear her name. Parco never finished the job, and Schwartz was convicted of the crime.

He finally met Anna Gristina in 2011 at a networking event. She asked him to work with her on a legit business she was planning, a matchmaking service called, says the Daily News. Parco says at the time he believed that she had left the prostitution business, and he still believes that now.

He says Gristina’s business was, a “legitimate human interest” and says that it has nothing to do with the sex trade.

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