Guy Accused Of Being The Wall Street Groper Says His Life Has Become A Nightmare Due To A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Karl Vanderwoude

Photo: NYPost screenshot

Karl Vanderwoude, an operations coordinator at MVision Private Equity Advisers, has been accused of being the well-dressed groper running amok in Manhattan. Vanderwoude, who leads a Bible study outside of work, spoke to the New York Post since being labelled a suspect by the NYPD. 

Basically, the 26-year-old told the paper that it’s a case of “mistaken identity.” 

What’s more is his Flatiron-based private equity firm employer seems to have his back.   

From the Post: 

Vanderwoude’s hopes to restore his name hang on purported new evidence gathered by his employer, MVision Private Equity Advisers. The firm claims it has e-mail records, video footage and co-worker accounts giving him a rock-solid alibi.

One of his co-workers even submitted a written statement claiming that Vanderwoude was with her having dinner and drinks at the time one of the attacks happened elsewhere in the city. 

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