The Prime Minister Just Said He Would Serve As Griffith's Local Member If He Loses The Election

Getty/ Brendon Thorne

Even if his party loses the Federal Election, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said he would serve as his Brisbane electorate’s local member.

Addressing the National Press Club in Canberra the Prime Minister was asked what he would do if he was elected as the member for Griffith, but lost the election on Saturday.

“My intention is to continue to serve as member for Griffith, and as PM”, Rudd said, before asking the media to concentrate on current events rather than speculation.

Though Rudd’s hold on the urban Brisbane seat is not certain.

A recent poll shows his only real competition, the Liberal candidate Bill Glasson, to be ahead 52% to 48% on a two-party preferred basis (though the stated margin-of-error was 4%).

Residents in the electorate, where Rudd’s home is located, have noticed there is far less campaign material for the Prime Minister than there has been in previous elections.

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