Ukraine's President Nearly Cried As He Held A Piece Of A Blown-Up Bus And Accused Russia Of 'Terror'

A few minutes ago here at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine stood at a podium in the largest room here and held up a big sheet of metal, riddled with holes.

It was the most emotional moment at the conference so far.

Poroshenko said the metal was once part of a bus that had been driving through a Ukrainian city called Volnovakha, when suddenly, it was fired-upon by an allegedly Russian-armed Ukrainian separatist. The bus exploded.

Poroshenko said that more than a dozen people died, including a teenage girl, and that another dozen were injured.

Holding up the metal, the Ukrainian president nearly broke down in tears. He condemned what he called “Russian terror.” He said that there are 9,000 Russian troops in Ukraine and 500 tanks and other large weapons.

“If this is not aggression, what is?”

Ukranian President Poroshenko holds up metal from a destroyed bus.Nicholas CarlsonUkrainian President Poroshenko holds up metal from a destroyed bus.

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