The President Of Blizzard Finally Addresses Imperfections In 'Diablo 3'

Photo: Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Mike Morhaim, President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment—the huge video game developer that brought fans the “Diablo” series—has finally addressed the multiple glitches present in the latest “Diablo 3.”Posted on the Diablo site just two hours ago, Morhaim acknowledges the challenges the team faced prior to launch: “The launch week of Diablo III was memorable for many reasons – some positive, and some not so positive.”

“We are not satisfied with breaking launch records; we want people to continue playing and enjoying Blizzard games for a very long time. The Diablo III team has made an epic, entertaining, and beautiful gaming experience. That being said, we know that it isn’t perfect. Our teams are working hard to improve the game balance, build on our design, and listen to what players are saying to make it the best game it can be.”

Morhaim also explains that there is going to be an additional patch 1.0.4, which will provide many updated changes, along with a number of future updates that will allow “players to more easily view their friends’ achievements, more quickly join games, and more efficiently communicate with each other.”

You can read Morhaim’s letter in entirety here.

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