The Power of the Penny

Behold the power of the penny. Though it was near extinction in the last couple of years in the US, it’s oh-so-important across the pond.

Pound World, a pound shop in the United Kingdom, is losing its frugal customers to a rival 99 pence store, which opened nearby last June. Who says that the small differences don’t matter?

UK’s Daily Mail: ‘It’s amazing that we are having to close because of a 99 pence store,” said Mr Jamie Lang, area manager of Pound World.

‘But people will go wherever they can get what they need at the cheapest price – even if the difference is just one penny.’

Just ask Britney‘s ex-hubby Kevin Federline. No one knows the power of the penny more than he does— he tried to save the penny from extinction more than two years ago. (What did you think we meant?)

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