Say Goodbye To Another 3600 Post Office Locations

Post Office

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To help staunch the hemorrhaging of its dwindling revenues, the post office is reviewing a plan to close more than 3,600 local offices, stations, and branches.According to USA Today, the post office runs about 31,000 retail outlets in the U.S. after losing 7,000 locations over the last decade to the Internet and slashed advertising mail business.

In the red $8 billion last year, post office officials are looking to rural locations where they could open service areas in local businesses, community centres, or town halls and save on overhead.

Where that proves possible, the new location will replace one to be closed.

So far this year 208 locations have been closed of the 1,400 already planned for 2011.

When a location is selected for review, people in the area have 60 days to file their comments and if closure is slated, an appeal can be filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission.

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