The Post Holiday Blues Add Up To Danger Times In The Office

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We all know that moment when the Christmas-New Year holiday high evaporates.

It feels like you’ve never left the office, the email box is overflowing, that work you wanted hasn’t been done and the boss, as usual, is clueless.

The Post Holiday Blues (PHB) have set in and at least two-thirds of employees returning from their break will suffer from it, according to some studies.

And businesses can’t ignore it as they see a loss of productivity, low morale, increased workplace stress and resignations.

Solutions lie in the environment and allowing employees choice of where they work.

Psychologist Fred Cicchini says an office environment has a measurable impact on employee engagement and morale.

“The end of the holiday season, when workers return to the office, can be the toughest time of the year for employees,” says Cicchini, from corporate health management group Injury Treatment.

“This is often evidenced in a significant drop in productivity levels – something that can have a lasting impact on a business.”

Offices that give flexibility to work in a number of areas such as an open plan space which includes traditional desks, café settings and sofas, helps ease the transition back to work.

Fitout and design expert Ben Cottle says there has been a rise in company’s looking for futuristic work spaces.

Cottle’s company, FDC Construction and Fitouts, built the recently completed CBRE office in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and the MBA award-winning Treasure Estate Winery Main Office in Melbourne.

These offices feature open plan spaces, lounge areas, conferencing pods and traditional private desks, allowing employees to move and work from whichever space they feel most comfortable.

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