The Pope Is Going Green

2007 popemobile

Photo: Catholic Westminster via Flickr

Even religious leaders are starting to make efforts to help the environment.According to CBS, Pope Benedict XVI will be getting a new Popemobile in the near future. Unlike cars past, the new Papal ride will be a plug-in hybrid.

It seems that the Pope will be continuing his long relationship with Mercedes Benz, with the next Popemobile being a modified M-Class SUV with Mercedes’ nascent plug-in tech on board.

The Vatican has elected against a full electric vehicle for the Pope because of safety concerns. They are not confident in the range and speed of a heavy duty electric ride as compared to its gas counterparts.

Also, because of the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, the Vatican wants to be certain that the Pope can get away as quickly as possible.

CBS notes, and we agree, that an electric car could be engineered to get away incredibly quickly as the electric motors generate insane amounts of torque. However, the range that the Vatican needs to transport the Pope might be cost prohibitive for Mercedes.

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