The Police Have Not Yet Made Contact With The 'Armed Offender' Involved In Sydney Siege

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. Photo: Getty Images

The police have not yet made contact with the “armed offender” involved in the Sydney siege currently in progress at Martin Place in the Sydney CBD.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione told media at a press conference today that there was “at least one” individual involved in the siege but there has been no communication with the man at this stage.

“My advice is we haven’t had contact with the armed offender at this stage”, Scipione said.

“At this stage we’re still determining what may well be the motivation.

“We have tight restrictions and tight controls… and we will work for a long as we need to.”

NSW Premier Mike Baird also addressed media at the press conference in Sydney, emphasising he has confidence in the police response to the situation.

“We are aware that there are many people who have been displaced… we want to do all we can to make sure people don’t get harmed,” he said.

“The city is still operating and will continue to operate until we need to change that.”


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