This house in Victoria is suspended on a pole 40 metres above the ground and has views of both the ocean and the Great Ocean Road – take a look inside

The Pole House in Fairhaven, Victoria makes you feel like you’re floating in the sky.

It rests on a pole 40 metres above the ground, and provides stunning 180-degree views of the ocean.

The property was originally built by Frank Dixon in the late 1970s and in 2005, Kathi and Raymond Adams purchased it and redeveloped it into a more modern structure.

“I first saw the property when I was a teenager because it was built way back in 1978,” Kathi Adams told Business Insider Australia. “It went on to the market back in 2005 and we thought, ‘Oh, it’s a pretty iconic property to try and own’ so luckily, we were able to buy it.”

The original property was essentially a wooden house, which the Adams’ used as a beach house for around six to seven years before revamping it.

“We always knew that given where it was and given what it was, that it could have been redeveloped into something quite spectacular,” Kathi said.

The Pole House is perfect for a weekend getaway or a special celebration and you can book it from $590 a night.

Take a closer look inside:

The Pole House is suspended 40 metres above Fairhaven Beach and the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria. “It literally feels like you’re hovering in the sky, looking over the ocean,” Kathi said.

It provides 180-degree views of the ocean.

The Adams’ worked with architect Franco Fiorentini from F2 Architecture to redesign the house.

“We were quite aware of the fact that it was a landmark and so we didn’t want to put a round house on it or a triangular house or something,” Kathi Adams said. “We basically followed the same footprint but we built it with iron and concrete and steel cladding which gave the building a modern feel.”

The house has retractable sliding doors that open up to give you that gorgeous ocean view. You’re also hovering over the Great Ocean road, so you can also watch cars driving past.

Inside, the property has a freestanding fireplace to keep you warm. “We told the architect, we want to be able to look at the ocean and have a fireplace at the same time,” Kathi said.

The house is eight metres by eight metres and attracts couples for celebratory stays like birthdays or anniversaries. There have also been a lot of proposals.

It has one bedroom and a living area…

…a bathroom…

And a bar/kitchenette area.

An excellent getaway if you enjoy beautiful views.

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