The Point Of A Facebook Phone Is To Show Me More Facebook Ads, And I Already See Enough Of Them, Thank You Very Much

When I go to these days, here is what happens.

I see one piece of content shared by a friend at the top of my News Feed.

Then I scroll down for more.

But instead of seeing more content, I am deluged with ads.

Here is what my screen looks like after scrolling past just one piece of content:

facebook ads take up the whole thing

As you can see, most of my screen is ads.

And you know what?

It’s fine. I get it. 

Facebook has to make money, and the way the company has to figured out how to do that is by selling all this real estate to marketers.

As a consumer, I know that’s what keeps my favourite family photo-album sharing service free.

But now Facebook is about to come out with a phone.

I am wary of it.

Because I know the whole business agenda behind the phone is to get me to look at more ads on Facebook.

And I obviously already see enough of them.

So, I think I’ll stick to phones sold by companies like Samsng or Apple that have a simpler business agenda: to sell me a phone that is so great to use, I’ll want to buy another one from them next time.

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