This Could Be The Last Handheld Gaming System Ever Made

Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

Sony is at a crossroad.On one hand, it’s putting a big bet on Android and smartphones. It’s selling games from the PlayStation Network that will work on Android devices and it’s building PlayStation phones.

On the other hand, Sony is placing a huge bet on its newest portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita.

Will it pay off?

We’re going to spend some time with the Vita this week. But, from first look, this is a very impressive device. It feels great in your hands and is beautifully crafted.

We’ve put together a few pictures of the first look at the Vita. Check out the site later this week for a full review of the device.

Here we go!

The sub-header on that press packet looks pretty familiar.

Here are all the games you should try out.

AT&T. Uh oh.

That power cable has three separate parts. Confusing.

Here it is. It's one glossy device.

It has a proprietary connection cable, just like the iPhone.

The ports on the top are for games and a SIM card.

The back is a touch pad too. And there's a back-facing camera.

You'll have to use a proprietary memory card to expand the memory of your Vita.

Here's what the games look like.

They slide into the top and are hidden by a little detachable panel.

Here's the lock screen. Looks kind of like Windows 8 — you peel away the sticker with your finger to unlock it.

You'll have to install every game, but it goes by pretty quickly.

Overall, this is a gorgeous device. It feels great in your hands and the operating system runs smoothly.

The Droid RAZR MAXX is another great gadget...

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