The Devastation From Friday's F-18 Crash Is Tremendous

We reported on this F-18 disaster in Virginia Beach when it happened around noon on Friday, and even then witnesses said they saw the jet dumping fuel before it crashed into the Mayfair Mews apartment complex.

We thought the effort was likely to keep the explosion and fire to a minimum when the plane landed, and Virginia Beach EMS chief Bruce Nedelka agrees. Nedelka told the media “[The pilot]¬†mitigated what could have been an absolute massive, massive fireball. With all of that jet fuel dumped, it was much less than what it could have been.”

Residents say the complex houses many senior citizens, and rescuers are still searching for three people who are yet unaccounted for.

Both pilots ejected to safety, and at least one was conscious when he was found in the yard of homeowner Colby Smith who told ABC¬†“I saw the parachute on the house and he was still connected to it, and he was laying on the ground with his face full of blood. The pilot said, ‘I’m sorry for destroying your house.'”

The F-18 ripped the roof from these apartment buildings seen here covered in foam to put out the fires

Photo: AP

The pilots prevented much bigger fires by dumping fuel before they ejected

Photo: AP

Six people were taken to the hospital

Photo: AP

Three people are still unaccounted for

Photo: AP

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