The PGA National Resort Just Got Sued For $25 Million Over Guest Fees

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Two New Yorkers who were unhappy with a “hidden” $25 daily resort fee tacked on to the hotel bill at the swank PGA National Resort in Palm Beach are suing the property for $25 million.The suit claims that guests were never told of the fee when they booked rooms online or by phone, and seeks restitution for “tens of thousands” of guests.

The plaintiffs’ attorney had this to say:

Guests at the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach expect courteous treatment and hospitality. But instead, the organisation tees up deceit and trickery by forcing its departing guests to pay an undisclosed and surprise ‘resort fee’ of $25 for each day of their stay, plus taxes on that fee.

PGA National Resort keeps this fee hidden until guests check out, despite purporting to provide ‘full-pricing’ information to potential customers over the telephone and on the resort’s reservation website.

The resort, which is home to the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, has five golf courses and a 40,000 foot spa.

When we checked the hotel’s online reservation system this morning, notice of the $25 resort fee was a hard to find, but was pretty clear once we clicked on “terms and conditions” in the reservation menu.

The fee includes unlimited local and and some long distance calls, a daily newspaper, internet access, admission to the health and raquet club, aerobics classes, tennis court times and golf bag storage.

Actually, that kind of sounds like a bargain.

Update: an attorney for the hotel denied the allegations, saying, “the PGA National Resort discloses its resort fee both in the Terms and Conditions section of its website and in its discussions with guests when a reservation is made by telephone.”

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