Paint All The World's Roofs White!

painting painter roof white

Department of Energy Chief Steven Chu threw out a simple and brilliant idea for fighting global warming: Just paint all the world’s roofs white. Chu’s not the first to think this up of course, but his timing is impeccable.

  • We’re looking for jobs, in particular green collar jobs. This would provide thousands.
  • This weekend we learned that working with your hands to make something is much more satisfying that just thinking about stuff. You can’t paint without your hands, though, be warned, it can be dull as heck and you might start thinking.
  • Using electricity as efficiently as possible is of the utmost importance now. White roofs cut air conditioning use by 15%.

┬áMaybe we’re being a little glib in our assessment, but Chu is right, the little things add up. He’d also like to see paler roads. There’s no plans in place to actually make this happen, so it’s just idle speculation for now.

Image: plindberg

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