The Pay Package For Departed New York Times CEO Janet Robinson Is Much Bigger Than We Thought

Janet Robinson
Janet Robinson

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Previous rumours that pegged ex-New York Times CEO Janet Robinson’s pension payout at $15 million already had employees mad.So the NYT rank and file better brace themselves: it looks like she’ll actually receive an exit package of more than $21 million, Bloomberg’s Edmund Lee and John Helyar report.

Their story, which has a full breakdown of the Times’ many financial and logistical problems, is worth reading in full, but here are the highlights:

  • Sources tell Lee and Helyar that the Times wants a non-family member to serve as CEO, which makes it unlikely Michael Golden would take the role.
  • 70% of the Times’ operating profit in 2011 went to pension and interest costs.
  • The Times is expecting 2011’s revenue to be down 2.7% from 2010, shrinking for the sixth year in a row, and the company has lost 80% of its market value since 1999.

  • Chairman Arthur Sulberger, Jr.’s excessive globe-trotting has irritated employees.

Priority #1 is to find a digitally savvy new CEO, but no word yet on who that might be.