The Path Ron Paul Must Stay On

I only caught the first few minutes of Ron Paul’s Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno appearance from last night, and he seemed to do a great job of coming across as likeable and “mainstream,” which is always a good move in our television democracy.


He should have used that massive platform to tell the American people about NDAA and H.R. 347, both of which Obama signed into law. He has been talking on the campaign trail about this non-stop; why not talk about it to a wider audience? I suspect viewers would be horrified by the implications of these new laws, and the broad power they hand to Barack Obama.

At the very least, it would have given Jay Leno some great fodder for good jokes about Obama locking up Americans without trial for disagreeing with his Spotify play list picks, or whatever.

In today’s videocast to my subscribers (watch below), I give more information on why every American needs to know — and care — about H.R. 347 and the NDAA’s imprisonment without trial provisions.


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