The Pandas At Adelaide Zoo Are Under Pressure To Make Babies, And Have A Team Of Specialists On Hand To Help

Chris McGrath/Getty Images.

Two pandas at Adelaide Zoo are under pressure to have babies.

After artificial insemination was trialled last year, panda couple Wang Wang, the male, and Funi are going to be left to reproduce *ahem* the old fashioned way.

Except there will be an entire team of panda reproductive specialists on hand watching the couple’s every move.

“Last year staff observed more dominant behaviour from Wang Wang during his interactions with Funi, which we hope will increase the likelihood of a natural mating this year,” Adelaide Zoo veterinarian, Dr David McLelland said.

Fertility company Repromed deputy scientific director Dr Deirdre Zander-Fox said she had an entire team of “reproductive specialists” on hand to help identify the pandas’ brief breeding window.

“We will be working 24/7 over the next few days, keeping a close eye on the hormone levels to pinpoint the exact time of ovulation,” Zander-Fox said.

“Our aim is to help people – or in this case pandas – achieve their dream of having a baby, so we’re excited to be able to offer our expertise to Adelaide Zoo for this project.

“Similar to a human female, Funi has a limited fertile window, so it’s absolutely critical that we don’t miss this opportunity.”

Funi’s hormone levels are being monitored daily and are slowly on the rise. Once the team determines when she’s ovulating introductions between the pair will be made.

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