The Packers Are The Best Franchise In Sports, According To Completely Meaningless ESPN List

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

ESPN “The Mag” released its Best of Sports issue this week. And one of its marquee features is the Ultimate Standings of American sports franchises.We’re not really sure what makes a franchise good at being a franchise, but ESPN thinks it involves eight factors, most of which are subjective and immeasurable.

These include “openness and consideration toward fans by players, coaches, and management,” “honesty and loyalty to core players and local community,” and “effort on the field and likability off it.”

So yeah, not a whole lot of hard science going on here. It seems like they just put all the “feel good” teams at the top and the “embattled” teams at the bottom.

The Packers came in first because Aaron Rodgers won the Super Bowl and Lambeau is really old.

The Tampa Bay Lightning came in second because ESPN needed a way to distinguish this year’s list from last year’s.

The Oklahoma City Thunder came in sixth even though their owner stole them from Seattle. (Pretty sure that doesn’t quality as “honesty and loyalty to core players and local community.”)

The Cincinnati Bengals came in dead last. And somehow there were seven franchise worse than the Atlanta Thrashers even though they no longer exist. Which is odd.

While this list is just a light-hearted way for ESPN to get some more fan interaction, it’s still pretty half-assed.

Maybe franchises just aren’t meant to be ranked in easily digestible lists.

Check out the full standings here.

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