The Outrageous Cost Of Living In Tokyo


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Tokyo has replaced Luanda, Angola, as the most expensive city for expatriates, thanks largely to the strength of the yen against the dollar.The title was bestowed by Mercer, a global consulting firm that looks at cost-of-living data in 200 cities to help international companies make personnel decisions.

Prices for some things in Tokyo—like a trip to the movies—are astronomically high in comparison to other cities, while other things, like monthly rent, are merely expensive.

An unfurnished, 2-bedroom luxury apartment in Tokyo costs an average $4,847. The same apartment in New York would cost $4,500.

And in Tokyo's priciest neighborhoods, a 3-bedroom apartment will set you back $9,445 a month. It's second only to Hong Kong in terms of high-end property rentals.

The world's most expensive one-bedroom apartment is currently for sale in Tokyo. The 4,434-square-foot pad is priced at $21.8 million.

A date to the movies in Tokyo will set you back nearly $46. The same pair of movie tickets in New York would cost $26.50.

The cab ride home will also cost you. A 3 km ride in Tokyo costs $14.15, 150% of what it would cost in New York City.

Deutsche Bank's The Random Walk, April 2012

Order an imported beer at a Tokyo restaurant, and expect to pay $9.75. It would cost around $6.30 in New York.

A fast food hamburger in Tokyo also costs around $8.29. That's twice the price of the same meal in Shanghai.

Pizza Hut isn't cheap, either. A pie in Tokyo costs close to $25, compared to $15 in Manhattan.

Deutsche Bank's The Random Walk, April 2012

A pair of blue jeans in Tokyo costs, on average, $147. In Hong Kong they would cost $116.

A cup of coffee in Japan's capital costs a whopping $8.29. For that price, you could buy 3 cups of Starbucks in the US.

Milk is also pricey. A liter in Tokyo costs $3.21, compared to $1.32 in New York.

Even fitness in Tokyo is costly. A monthly gym membership there costs $115, compared to around $70 in New York.

The daily paper costs $6.38 in Tokyo. In New York, it would be $2.50.

At least cigarettes are cheap, in comparison. A pack of Marlboros costs more than $12 in New York, but under $6 in Tokyo.

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