Did You Know This 2010 Ferrell-Wahlberg Comedy Was Actually A Polemic Against The Bailout?


Last summer a buddy cop comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg appeared briefly in theatres. It’s the type of movie you watch on video, like this week when it showed up on Netflix.

Little did we know The Other Guys is a polemic against the bailout that would put Oliver Stone to shame.

SPOILER ALERT. Ferrell and Wahlberg investigate an Australian billionaire who is running a Ponzi scheme, with investors including some Chechnyans, Nigerians and a corporation called Level Global. The billionaire is trying to land a multi billion dollar investment from the New York Police Pension Fund to keep the Ponzi scheme running. At some point the case gets turned over to a prosecutor at the SEC, who happens to be squash buddies with the Australian billionaire.

Obviously there are a few real life analogues here.

But it’s not until the very end that things get really heady.

The credit sequence is accompanied by animated facts meant to piss people off about Wall Street, starting with How A Ponzi Scheme Works and a comparison of Charles Ponzi to Bernie Madoff. Other facts shows how much the bailout cost per person; how many people got golden parachutes at AIG; and one chart with nothing more than Goldman Sachs stock price compared to the Dow.

The last fact tells us that Bernie Madoff won’t get out of prison until 2159. It’s not clear whether this is supposed to make us feel satisfied or not.

Check it out:

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