The original website for the Space Jam movie shows just how far the internet has come

Back in 1996, pro basket baller Michael Jordan helped a bunch of Looney Tunes play a ball game against some mean aliens.

It was a movie which graced the screens of millions of homes when it came out on VHS.

But the original website, which is hosted on the Warner Bros. archive, shows just how far the internet, movies and the marketing around them have all progressed.

Dripping with 90s charm, the site explains the “miracle of computers” managed to get real people and animated figures to appear together on the screen.

In an ode to the days when everything digital had to be spelled out, the site map even breaks down exactly what you can expect on each part of the site.

Even the screens we use to surf the web have come a long way. When Space Jam came out, you could download special desktop images for your chunky monitor.

While today many of us couldn’t deal without shopping online, it is still a relatively new market. Back in the time of Space Jam you could kind of buy the movie sound track online, with the cassette going for $8.99, but there were no checkouts – you had to call a phone number to order it.

You can take a trip down memory lane here, and take a moment to really appreciate just how far website design has come in two decades.

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