The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about Thursday.

Did you get that, Mr. Cameraman? The Golden State Warriors thumped the Chicago Bulls 125-94 and they did it with some swagger. Already up 19 points late in the third quarter, Leandro Barbosa fed Andre Iguodala for a nice alley-oop on a fast break. But it is not the bucket that was telling on this play, it was what Barbosa does immediately after the bucket. He goes straight to the cameraperson and seemingly asks him, or possibly the audience at home, if they got a good view of the play.

Wait, what? It is still not clear if this play from Tharptown High School in Alabama was the best basket scored in basketball this week or if this is the best assist. It is one or the other, and possibly both.

— a l v (@AshlynVandiver) January 19, 2016

Wait, what? Part 2. DeMar DeRozan got fouled in the third quarter of the Raptor’s 115-109 win over the Celtics, so he did what many NBA players do, he tried to get the continuation bucket. Only DeRozan threw the ball wayyyy up in the air and somehow it went in. The ball went so high that even the replay from the opposite end of the court did not see how high the ball went. The basket did not count, but it should have.

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