There Is One Thing (Almost) Everybody Will Hate About Baseball's New Instant Replay System

Mike SciosciaGetty ImagesMike Scioscia argues with an umpire

Baseball’s new instant replay system isn’t perfect, but it is a welcome step in the right direction of getting the calls right on the field.

In addition to blown calls, there is one other common and popular aspect of the sport that is about to disappear forever.

There will no longer be any huge arguments between umpires and managers.

Now, instead of arguing a call and getting into a heated screaming match, a manager will just tell the umpire to have the play reviewed.

Some people might applaud the loss of what they consider childish behaviour by both the manager and the umpire. But it is also a grand tradition of the game. And even though managers almost never win their arguments, the arguments and potential ejections are often used with strategic purpose, whether it is to try and get the next call in their favour or to rile up their players.

We might still see an occasional flare up if a manager is out of challenges. But outside of balls and strikes, something managers are not permitted to argue, there are very few “judgement calls” in Major League Baseball.

Gone will be the days of a manager sprinting out to the field and going toe-to-toe with an umpire. And that is a little sad.

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