The One Stat That Suggests Tim Tebow's NFL Career Is Over

It has been almost three months since the New England Patriots cut Tim Tebow and while he may hold out hope of getting another shot at being an NFL quarterback there is one number that suggests his career is already over.

Since Tebow was cut, 25% (8 of 32) of NFL teams have signed at least one quarterback to their active roster.

In all, nine quarterbacks have been signed, none of them Tebow. In addition, three teams (Packers, 49ers, Rams) have passed on Tebow more than once.

All of this is just more evidence that nobody in the NFL thinks Tebow can play quarterback and that his career is over. This is probably also why Tebow has hired a television agent.

A couple of the quarterbacks who have been signed ahead of Tebow are well-known and most likely didn’t surprise NFL fans; i.e., Josh Freeman with the Vikings and Matt Flynn with the Packers. But even diehard NFL fans would have a hard time picking half of the quarterbacks who have been signed out of a lineup (see list below).

One thing hurting Tebow is that he is not eligible for a team’s practice squad which is limited to players with less than one year of service time on an active roster.

Here is the full list of quarterbacks signed since Tebow became a free agent according to NFL transactions:

  • Austin Davis, Rams
  • B.J. Daniels, Seahawks
  • Brady Quinn, Rams
  • John Skelton, 49ers and Titans
  • Jordan Palmer, Bears
  • Josh Freeman, Vikings
  • Matt Flynn, Bills and Packers
  • McLeod Bethel-Johnson, 49ers
  • Seneca Wallace, Packers

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