Interior decorators reveal the one piece of furniture you should never skimp on

Lounge chairCostcoLounge chairs can make a bold statement.

You have a limited budget for your home makeover project, so what item will give you the most bang for your buck?

For interior designers Adam Rolston and Drew Stuart from Incorporated Art & Design, the answer is lounge chairs.

Rather than splurging on a statement couch that will eventually be worn and torn, investing in a few statement lounge chairs will provide the ultimate pay off.

“Sofas are really not all that interesting,” said Rolston, who suggests investing in unique chairs instead. “You want your chairs to be more sculptural and have more personality,” he explained.

Depending on the approach you are going for, the duo recommends investing in lounge chairs that are cohesive to the room’s style while simultaneously acting as the star pieces. For example, choosing lounge chairs in a striking colour or style can help place them as the focal point in the room.

The decorators recommend choosing a good quality functional sofa — but not spending a ton of money on it, since it will get lots of wear and tear and will likely have to be replaced.

Lounge chairs, on the other hand, can make a bold statement and last for a lifetime.

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