The one huge problem with 'Aussie Beer' - it's made in China

100% Australian, except for the made in China bit.

You’d think the national drink can’t get more fair dinkum than “Aussie Beer”, but you’d be mistaken.

The green-and-gold lager, sold by cooperative Independent Liquor Group (ILG), with hotel bottleshop brands such as Little Bottler and PubMart, was offloading the beer between March and August last year, proudly proclaiming its Australian heritage, with a map of Australia declaring it “100% owned”, made from “Australia’s finest malt”.

But it was a beer-wolf in sheep’s clothing. Aussie Beer is made in China.

That small, but important detail caught the attention and ire of the consumer watchdog, the ACCC, which fined ILG $10,200 for “false or misleading representations about the country of origin of the Aussie Beer”.

ACCC chairman Rod Sims was less than impressed with the Chinese lager’s attempted patriotism, saying “consumers are entitled to expect that prominent representations made on packaging are accurate without having to check for disclosures in the fine print”.

It’s not the first time ACCC has been hopping mad about beer labels and provenance.

Last year, Carlton & United Breweries copped a $20,400 fine after the ACCC said it was misleading consumer because Byron Bay pale lager was actually made on the NSW Central Coast.

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