The One Chart You Need To See To Understand Mobile (Updated)

Last November we published “The One Chart You Need To See To Understand Mobile,” which showed smartphone market share in the context of total mobile market share. Most people show smartphone market share in abstraction of the rest of the market, but we think this obscures more than it shows. It shows that the market is: a) early, and b) huge. 

More teachings from the chart:

  • Apple and Android are almost neck-and-neck. The updated numbers show that after watching Android run away, Apple is competitive again with Android in end-user market share. (And it is way ahead in developer market share, which is what matters most as we argued in a recent note.)
  • Microsoft still has a shot. It is very early: Nokia has good phones and good distribution, Microsoft has good software and plenty of cash. We expand on this in a note this morning.
  • RIM is toast. But, you already knew that.

This chart comes from our recent Future of Mobile presentation, which you can read here →

mobile market share by OS

Photo: BI Intelligence

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