The company with the one-armed bricklaying robot says its plan for global domination is on schedule

Building a house by robot. Image: Supplied.

Fastbrick Robotics, the Perth-based maker of the one-armed bricklaying robot, is getting almost too many enquiries about its house-building machine.

Since announcing the development of its commercial model, Hadrian-X, the company has seen a significant level of demand.

“We now have inbound enquiries about our technology coming in on a daily basis and from all corners of the globe,” says CEO Mike Pivac in the company’s annual report.

“Fastbrick intends to accelerate its business development strategy in order to meet this level of interest and demand as it continues to build its prelaunch order book.

“We are continuing to establish strategic relationships with potential global customers and early adopters of our technology with a view to eventually progressing pilot programmes in a number of countries.”

Fastbrick now has a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia for the construction of a minimum of 50,000 new home units by 2022.

Earlier this year the US machinery giant Caterpillar invested $2 million in Fastbrick, with an option for a further $8 million.

The Hadrian X is expected to cost about $2 million when it goes into full production in 2019.

The machine requires minimal human interaction and works day and night, laying up to 1,000 bricks an hour — about the output of two human bricklayers for a day.

The prototype Hadrian 105 robot, the first of its kind, can be seen in action below:

“Heading into 2018, Fastbrick is well-positioned as we continue to invest in the company‚Äôs global partnering strategy, its customer discovery process and the Hadrian X programme and associated Intellectual Property,” says Pivac.

“Fastbrick remains committed to improving the safety, speed, accuracy, cost and waste management in the construction industry.

“The combination of the Caterpillar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MOUs demonstrates Fastbrick’s potential global scalability and the level of strong customer demand for our technology.

“During 2018, we will be focusing on the completion and demonstration of Hadrian X and on executing our commercialisation strategy.”

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