The Olds Love Hulu, Too


Total streams up 490% year-over-year, Hulu remains the fastest growing video destination among the Web’s top 10. Perhaps surprisingly, that growth is thanks in large part to people over 35.

On average, Hulu users ages 35 to 49 increased their time spent viewing the site 154% during the last six months, according to Nielsen. At an average 416 minutes watching Hulu in April, that’s more than any other age group. (Ages 18-24 were second at 379 minutes; 25-34 third at 353 minutes.)

“Despite what many believe, it is not the young, tech-savvy, early-adopters who are attracted to long-form video. In fact, we see that it is the older crowd, viewers 35+, who gravitate toward long-form video, with sites like Hulu acting as a perfect example of this,” Nielsen VP Jon Gibs said in a statement.

“Advertisers are paying attention. They see long-form video sites like Hulu as a safe bet for online advertising, recognising that their key audiences are there and more willing to sit through an online advertisement while watching a favourite show, much as they do with the TV.”

This is all great for Hulu, a joint venture between Disney (DIS), News Corp (NWS) and NBC Universal (GE). But another way to read this growth is as a testament to the power of old school, mainstream TV advertising. Hulu’s traffic spiked and hasn’t slowed down yet since its Super Bowl ad.

Meanwhile, Nielsen reports that the second fastest growing video site is Viacom’s (VIA) For this, we can probably blame the young people.

Here’s the whole chart:


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