The Old Rob Gronkowski Is Dead

New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski

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The Summer Of Gronk has come to an end.As Steve DelVecchio at Larry Brown Sports points out, Rob Gronkowski went on the Dan Patrick show this morning and well, he was really boring. The usually unfiltered Gronk was replaced with a shell of his former self.

In general, Gronkowski gave Patrick very vanilla answers but here’s the part of the transcript that stuck out to us the most (from

How long would I last if I hung out with you and your brother for the weekend?

“Probably an hour. [Laughs]”

But what would we do if I am hanging out with the Gronkowski’s?

“Whatever, good times. If it’s the offseason? Just kick it and play some backyard sports. Definitely some basketball in the backyard. Get a workout in, a little running, and just chill.”

When would we start crushing beers though?

“Not sure. I don’t do those things. [Dan Patrick: You don’t crush beers?] No. [Dan Patrick: OK, I will. What other brothers would join me?] Call them up and ask them.”

Yes, that’s the same Gronkowski who said to cameras during an ESPN E:60 mini-film about him: “Literally 23 hours and 58 minutes left to get blacked out,” while partying his face off.

This leads us to believe Gronk has had a stern talking to from the Patriots telling to behave himself. With the mediocre season the Pats are facing so far, we’re sure Belichick and Kraft don’t want anymore “bad press” for the team.

We miss the summer of Gronk:

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