Take A Tour Of The iPad Version Of The Official Super Bowl XLV Program

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Super Bowl XLV program detail

Photo: NFL/iTunes

One of the longest lasting (and most expensive) souvenirs you can find at any big game is the glossy official Program that’s usually sold for about $15 in the stadium.This year, however, the NFL made the Official Super Bowl XLV Program available for free — if you have an iPad.

If you’re lucky enough to have one of those machines, it’s the best to way to view it. (Particularly, if you plan on taking advantage of that free wi-fi in Cowboys Stadium today.)

If not, we’ve got sampling here to show what you’re missing.

After an animated opening, this is the cover.

It opens with a few full-page photos of some the big Packer and Steeler stars

NEXT: Scouting reports on each team

Including pop-up rosters

Team photos!

Also some bios of a few key people (this is Steelers owner Dan Roooney)

THE ARTICLES: A look at the key moment of last year's game; the Onside Kick

The coolest part: It even comes with a video of the kick from the CBS broadcast

A scrolling menu lets you navigate the articles

Or choose from the table of contents

Here's something you won't get from the paper program: Highlight videos from the 2010 season

How is it free? Interactive ads, of course

A feature on Cowboys Stadium

Another story about previous Super Bowl stars

Could have used more photos like this

A look at the best teams of the last decade

A neat feature on Super Bowl rings


The program is very light on stats. Just a couple pages of Super Bowl records

At the end is a full season review

Including week-by-week recaps of 2010

And game-by-game recaps of the playoffs

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