The Official Story Told At The Trial Of Bo Xilai's Wife Had Key Factual Errors

Neil Heywood China Bo

Photo: Sky News Screenshot

The trial of Gu Kailai, the wife of Bo Xilai and confessed murderer of British businessman Neil Heywood, may have lasted only 7 hours but it did provide us with one thing — an official story telling us how and why she murdered Heywood.Essentially, the story goes like this:

Heywood meets Bo and Gu in 2003. He helps their son go to school in the UK. He becomes involved in a business that fails due to political reasons. He demands cash from from Gu and Bo, threatens to “destroy” their son, and holds him against his will. The threat causes Gu to have a “mental breakdown” and murder Heywood in a hotel room in Chongqing in November 2011.

Friends of Heywood have already cast doubt on whether he would behave so callously to Bo Guagua, Gu’s son, and whether he would drink alcohol.

Now Jeremy Page of the Wall Street Journal has spoken to several friends of Heywood and said that the basic timeline of the official story seems to be wrong. For one, if Heywood really did threaten the younger Bo and imprison him, it must have been some time before he was murdered — Bo left the UK in 2010 to study at Harvard.

The initial meeting date for Gu and Heywood of 2003 also appears to be wrong — friends say that they met in the mid 1990s and that Bo Guagua moved to the UK in 2000 in a deal arranged by Heywood.

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