A superfan of 'The Office' made the show her bridal shower theme and the photos are going viral

Courtesy of Kayleigh BrownKayleigh Brown’s ‘The Office’-themed bridal shower went viral.
  • Kayleigh Brown, who goes by Kayleigh Kill on YouTube, had a bridal shower centered around the hit television show “The Office.”
  • Her bridesmaids surprised her with hilarious references to the show in the food, decor, and party games.
  • “The Office” star Kate Flannery even took notice on Twitter.

Kayleigh Brown’s fiancé Ian introduced her to “The Office” while they were dating.

“He was the one who said ‘Hey, you should watch the show, it’s really funny,'” she told INSIDER. “We sat down and watched it all the way through, and somehow, the more I watched it, the more I fell in love with the show. I would watch my favourite episodes over and over until it became a staple that I have on constantly in my house.”

Brown, a brewery manager and YouTuber known as Kayleigh Kill, met her fiancé through OkCupid. They have been together for seven years and live in Coral Springs, Florida.

To celebrate Brown’s upcoming wedding, her bridesmaids decided to throw her a “The Office”-themed bridal shower so brilliantly executed that it’s going viral.

Her bridesmaids are also fans of the show. They told Brown that the event would have a “The Office” theme, but kept the details a surprise.

The office bridal shower doorCourtesy of Kayleigh BrownToby Flenderson, played by Paul Lieberstein, often gets on Michael Scott’s last nerve.

“I walked in the door and was blown away,” she said.

The office bridal showerCourtesy of Kayleigh BrownBrown and her bridesmaids pose in a photobooth.

“Throughout the party I would notice little details and I’d be like ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see this! This is amazing!'” she said. “They went above and beyond to reference different quotes that we say to each other on a daily basis, different things from the show that we all love and laugh at all the time. It was completely overwhelming in the best way.”

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Her bridesmaids printed a banner that read “It is your bridal shower,” a reference to an episode of “The Office” featuring a poorly planned birthday party.

The office bridal shower signCourtesy of Kayleigh BrownA reference to an episode of ‘The Office’ where a poorly planned office birthday party includes half-inflated balloons and a sign that simply states ‘It is your birthday.’

One of her bridesmaids, a professional baker who runs a business called Bake My Day, provided cookies with iconic “The Office” quotes and references.

Office bridal shower cookiesCourtesy of Kayleigh Brown‘That’s what she said’ is among the most well-known ‘The Office’ jokes.

The mimosa station paid tribute to the erratic character of Meredith Palmer.

The office bridal shower mimosasCourtesy of Kayleigh BrownOn the show, Meredith is usually drinking, drunk, or both.

“The beet centerpieces were by far one of my favourites,” she said. “I never would have expected that.”

Beet centerpieces the office bridal showerCourtesy of Kayleigh BrownThe character of Dwight Schrute is a beet farmer.

In her nearly 11 years as a YouTuber, Brown had always hoped that her videos would be watched and shared widely. But it’s her bridal shower that ended up going viral.

Her initial Facebook post has been shared over 56,000 times.

A star of “The Office” even took notice.

Kate Flannery, who played Meredith Palmer on the show, retweeted a photo of the mimosa station from the bridal shower decorated with images of her character and said that she was “honored.”

“My friends and I are usually the ones who are tagging each other on other viral posts, so it’s super weird to see people tagging their friends like ‘We have to do this,'” she said. “It’s bizarre, in the best way.”

You can watch Brown’s recap of the event below.

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