Fans are freaking out over news that 'The Office' may leave Netflix, but we're still years out from that happening

NBCUniversal Television DistributionDwight screaming on ‘The Office.’
  • NBCUniversal is working on launching its own streaming service.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, discussions are happening about removing “The Office,” an NBCUniversal show, from Netflix.
  • Fans freaked out over the news, but Netflix has “The Office” through at least 2021.

Netflix users started freaking out over the news that “The Office” may be leaving the streaming service, but fans of the NBC show still have a few more years to watch it as much as they want.

On Wednesday, Netflix’s US Twitter account reminded fans that they still have two years to stream episodes of “The Office” on the streaming service.

“Hello it’s me with your regularly scheduled reminder that ‘The Office’ will be on Netflix until 2021 – at least!

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According to the Wall Street Journal, NBCUniversal is set to launch to their own streaming service and may pull “The Office,” a show they own, after the contract ends with Netflix in 2021.

Netflix viewers have freaked out over the potential loss of a favourite show before. When an accidental note on Netflix in December 2018 said “Friends” would be leaving the service on January 1.

Netflix later posted to social media that the show would be available to stream at least through 2019, and according to The New York Times, which cited anonymous sources, Netflix paid $US100 million to keep the show.

But for now, fans of “The Office” don’t have to worry about losing the show just yet.

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